Deluxe Stage

This package is just the ticket of those scenarios where you can’t get a trailer. Or worse still you can’t get it onto site.

This a great stage you can rig with no plant or power on site  so it’s low impact & cost effective.

Festival stage outdoor stage hire.
Large festival stage hire

It has the added bonus of a 48k rig already on board in the front and back pre- rig trusses, so it silly for us not to throw in the dimmers & desk for free , all you need is a power supply & you are off!

Bolt on PA systems & moving light packages from our stock to order.


  • 13m x 10m Stage cover with back & sides – vinyl/mesh

  • Truss frame & hoists.

  • 48k of par cans

  • 24 ways of dimming  & control

  • 36ft x 32ft stage at 4ft high with rails & bracing

  • Leveling kit for unleavened ground

  • All labour build and strike